A view from the driver's seat


I am

A writer

A director

A Korean

An American

A good Midwestern girl

A mother


A dancing fool

An obsessive reader

A google stalker

An ex-New Yorker

A rainy day double feature

A little sister

A daughter

A belly laugher

A bad temper

A Sagittarius

A Year of the Rat

A kundalini yoga doer

A jogging hater

A wanderer

An excellent navigator

A better driver

A Lyfter

A cream no sugar

A street stall ramen joint

A fan of bad paintings in expensive frames

A loud voice in a quiet room

A quiet voice in a loud room

A collector of quotes

A player not a hater


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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for your lovely posts. I have read each an every one and enjoyed them immensely.

  2. You are missed. Join us drivers on Uber People. You will be received like a hero!!!

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