A view from the driver's seat

Coincidence? I Think Not…

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I know, this is a terrible picture but it was late. I’d had a lot of Westside traffic drama when I picked this lovely lady up at the airport. She was coming back from a wedding in Mexico. She asked me what I did and I told her I was a writer/director. We got on the subject of what it meant to option something (the process of turning a book or play into a movie). She mentioned she was reading this fantastic book that had made her weep like a baby on the plane. It was a beautifully written book, emotional and powerful and clear about one woman’s journey to hike…

“OH MY GOD!!” I pulled out my book from the crack between my door and my seat where I store my reading materials. “Is this the book that you’re reading?”

Of course it was indeed the very same book. A book so good that she was trying to read it as slow as possible to savor it for a few more days in the comfort of her home. A book so good I was weeping in my car that morning as I read it. A book so good I want to buy it for everyone who’s ever had a broken heart, or wandered off the path of what they thought their life should be. Um, I guess that’s literally EVERYONE.

“You were obviously meant to be my Lyft driver tonight,” she told me. Obviously.




In this pic, on the left is my iphone — on the right is the iphone left by a Lyft passenger in my car the night before. She had been so sweet, apologizing for the shortness of the ride and for causing a bus to honk at me as I waited for her in front of her building, then she insisted on tipping me. (Incidentally, she was dating a Lyft driver but she clarified that she hadn’t met him during a ride, but through other means. Not that that matters but I am curious whether or not there are any Lyft love connections out there.) When I saw her kitty cat case, I knew I had to do everything I could to get her her phone back. The next day, I had a writing group near where she worked in Venice so I left the phone under a flowerpot and she took a bus to pick it up. Success!! My iphone sister — I virtually fistbump you!!!!!


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