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You Can’t Make This Shit Up

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Tuesday is always the slowest day. Lots of cancellations, lots of downtime for me to catch up on New Yorkers, so I wasn’t expecting much last night. I took a guy to pick up his cat at the animal hospital, go to the bank, and come back home. I took a girl to work where she manages a condo building. Then I sat in the Silverlake Gelson’s parking lot waiting for a request. One cancellation, another, ho hum. Gonna be one of those nights. Then I get a request from Reni who’s new to Lyft. Wait, I know a Reni but she lives in NYC. She’s an amazing singer songwriter and I cast her in a spot I was doing for MTV and Virgin Mobile. I haven’t seen her in years but how many Renis can there be? And the profile pic looked just like her…

I’m not close to her — more than 10 minutes away — but there must have been a dearth of Lyft cars at that one moment cause she got me. When I finally navigate Franklin traffic to go up Beechwood Canyon to pick her up, she jumps into the car and screams, “SOO-HYUN, I knew it was you!!!” After a round of high pitched squealing, she asked, “Did Lyft match us up cause we’re Facebook friends?” I explained to her that this was completely frigging random, an act of God really. She was just visiting LA for a few days but contemplating a move here. She told me that commercial I cast her in was the beginning of her getting a recording contract and launching her career onto a whole new level. But since then, the record company had imploded and she found herself starting over. Well here I am starting over too!!! It had to be a sign that our paths had crossed in this moment of our lives. OK let’s do something. Let’s make a music video. Let’s meet and shoot the shit and come up with some crazy idea. Let’s get ready to launch Reni Lane and Soo-Hyun Chung version 2.0!!!


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