A view from the driver's seat

First Ladies of Lyft

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It’s always fun to drive other Lyft drivers. You get to hear their battle stories, swap a few tips, see why they decided to do this and what they do in their time off. They’re all intelligent, interesting people with passions that haven’t paid off quiet yet. Or they’re Lyft riders who just thought it’d be fun to be in the driver’s seat. There’s a monthly meet-up which I still haven’t attended but I did get to drive the organizers to one of them. On the right is one of the first 16 drivers that Lyft Los Angeles ever hired right at the end of January 2013, Lyft royalty in my book. I had been wondering about when Lyft started here. It just seemed like one day pink mustaches on cars magically appeared and instantly became a part of modern day living (to the point that Conan O’Brien just got a Lyft with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart as one of his skits). The other lovely lady was hired right after her in February and is now starting up Lyft Orange County. So I quizzed them about their experiences, where they went to start their shift and pick up rides. I’ve been having some really slow days. Like sit-in-the-car-reading-Derek-Raymond-novels-and-contemplating-the-point-of-existence slow. They said it just ebbs and flows — there’ll be a proliferation of drivers, but then rider demand will grow to meet it. So their advice was to just keep driving. It all works out in the end.



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