A view from the driver's seat

Hair Shirt

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Driving by a truck, I noticed a man with his arm bent, elbow resting on the bottom, palm against the top. I noticed his arm cause it looked like he was wearing a rather disco-y shirt for someone driving such a macho car, pink-mauve with a sheen to the fabric. Except when I got closer, I realized that it was just his very very sun-reddened, very very hairy arm (white blonde which would account for the shimmer). Which made me contemplate a whole line of clothes that would make you look hairy even if you weren’t. Sleeves silk-screened with arm hair. Necklines with a trompe l’oeil hair effect. I promise you, everyone would look twice. You would be the belle of the ball. Or the beast. I even thought of a name. See above.

Oh wait I just found this:


Not subtle. Not like mine.

Not the same thing. Not the same thing at all.


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