A view from the driver's seat

The Young and the Fast

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I get asked a lot if we can hit the the drive-thru. Here’s the thing — the people who always ask are 20-somethings. I guess the glut of sodium and sugar and chemicals and trans-fats don’t rip through their young flesh and cannonball out their intestines like they do for the over 30 set. Oh they’re often really drunk too. This guy wasn’t. He was just headed home from a friend’s. He wants to be an actor but is working as a physical trainer in the meantime. Oh to be able to be indifferent to your diet yet still have six pack abs and guns and clear dewey skin!! He lives with his brother so he picked up two of everything at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. (He told me before he ordered, “Don’t judge me.”) I don’t mind watching other people eat horrible foods. I really don’t. As long as they don’t mind if I sing this while we’re waiting.


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