A view from the driver's seat

Driving Damages Your Ovaries!!!

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Driving Damages Your Ovaries!!! straight from the NY Times

N was from Saudi Arabia and was here temporarily with her 2 year old son so she could attend college for occupational therapy. Her husband was working in Dubai doing some kind of marketing but they managed to see each other every 2 months. Even in a hijab, she still sparkled. She had on bright lipstick and eyeliner and her smile was wide and easy. She was excited about school but not thrilled with Los Angeles. “It is not so beautiful. All these wires.” She gestured at the cris-crossing power lines above us.  “In my country, they would be underground. Here, everything looks so messy.” Most days she took 3 buses to her college and had to transfer in Hollywood where loonies abound. So it was hard to study on the bus. Sometimes she treated herself to a Lyft. I asked if I could take her picture. “Oh no, sorry. I don’t allow any pictures of myself on the internet.” Oh my, what a novel concept. But how do ex-boyfriends know how hot you got after they broke up with you? And how would those horrible high school bullies who never acknowledged your special butterflyness find out what what an amazing, fun, jam-packed life of adventure you lead?  So maybe not driving saved her ovaries. But obviously it damaged her virtual lobe, the part of the brain that lives on the internet, through the internet. Poor thing. Reminder to self: must start non profit group to teach Saudi Arabian women how to take a #selfie.


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