A view from the driver's seat

But I’m Just the Chef!!

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G was the personal chef for [famous sports star]. Yes, the one that was caught using enhancement drugs. How does one get to be such a thing? Well he went to culinary school, then he decided to go back to school for some nutritional exercise-y program thing and ended up at the Olympic training village (where apparently everyone is having sex because they are young, in perfect physical condition, and it feels like perpetual summer camp). He met [famous sports star]’s trainer and started to cook for him and his family, then moved on to the [famous sports star]. G says the guy was a tyrant and he knew bad shit was going down so he got out. Especially after [famous sports star] expanded his responsibilities to include picking up of some of his enhancement drugs. When G got pulled over in a Porsche for speeding with those drugs in the trunk, he knew he had to get out. Years later, the FBI subpoenaed him, and lawyers came swarming. House of cards baby, house of cards. Who knew culinary school could lead to such danger and excitement? Perhaps that will be my next adventure after Lyft driving. I’ve always wanted to experience the pick up scene at the Olympic village firsthand. Or be a drug mule.


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