A view from the driver's seat


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So I’d heard of Snapchat but I thought it was just another way for young girls to get themselves in trouble. Sexy photos + teenagers + anybody who knows how to take a screenshot = recipe for disaster. But Fuzzyasskim (her Snapchat name) schooled me in the wonders of this app and why she loves it. She told me it’s just about making ugly faces or taking dumb photos that you don’t care about, random things, random shots. And once it’s seen, it disappears forever (unless of course someone takes a screenshot). The whole concept kind of blew my mind. We live in such a documented culture. All these photos and videos and Facebook pages stored to infinitum with the visual breadcrumbs of our days and nights and meals and concerts and pets and children and blog posts. And in response to that culture of commodity, here comes something that’s meant to be disposable. That’s used once and thrown away. A paper plate if you will. Or a condom. 


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