A view from the driver's seat

The Callback

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L is from Paris (where she was going to business school) and she’s been here for 2 months too. (What happened 2 months ago to make all these beautiful girls flee their homes and come to LA?) She dreams of becoming a model/actress too and I took her to a callback for a sexy vampire in a music video. Since she’s new in town, she’s been trying to make new friends. She struck up a conversation with a different Lyft driver about cooking and so L suggested they cook together some time and gave her her number. This woman texted her, I had a dream about you, which made L nervous. (She doesn’t walk on that side of the street.) And now every text seems to have a sexual innuendo. (Why don’t I come over on Friday and we can cook?) We discussed how she should handle it, if she should avoid or just be direct and ask if this woman’s coming on to her. I always vote for directness. Then L gave me her number so I could send her the blog. She’s lucky. I don’t cook. 


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