A view from the driver's seat

Worst Monday Ever

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I picked L up in Hollywood in the middle of the day. He had to go to a restaurant in Venice to get his keys that he lost Saturday night and then come back to Hollywood to get his car out of the garage where it was parked. Even though he lives in Venice, somehow his car had ended up here. He explained it to me, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the logistics. Needless to say, Saturday night got wild, there were numerous cabs involved so things would get wilder, he and his buddies stumbled home at 7 am, then he had to borrow his roommate’s car to drive his friends to the airport on Sunday afternoon. But then the restaurant couldn’t find his keys so he called a tow truck to pull it from the garage to the dealership. Only the dealership closed at 5 on Sunday. So he had to wait til Monday, take the day off, drag his ass out to Hollywood, sit at a cafe for hours waiting for the tow truck when…. [sound the marimbas] the restaurant called!!! They found the keys! So he cancelled the tow truck, called me and we drove to Venice and back. A two hour tour… a two hour tour…

But if you’re going to spend two hours in a car with someone, it always helps if they play you good music and sing along to it in a North Carolina accent.


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