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I’m a Racist

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I’m not gonna lie. When I saw A standing outside Carmax in Burbank in a hoodie, baggy shorts, and tatts up and down his arms, I thought about turning around. First of all, when he requested a Lyft, no pic came up which is unusual. It meant he was a newbie and not on Facebook. So he had put down a credit card but there was no other information on him which made me nervous. I only decided to do Lyft because it felt like I’d be picking up fellow members of a community, not random people off the street. Now here was A, looking all hood. It would be lame to turn around once he saw the ‘stache so I stopped the car and he got in. He said he had just sold his car and wanted me to take him to go buy his new one. Just take a guess, what kind of car do you think this man is going to buy? Drum roll please… [scroll down for the answer]

A BRAND NEW LEXUS people. And before you jump to conclusions like my racist ass, this man has a R. J.  Real Job. He’s part of a union. Can you guess which one? [scroll down again]

He does lighting for Glee. That’s right, Glee. He worked for ten years in a studio rental house until he could get in with the union and get on set. Now he’s working his way up the ladder. Got goals, got dreams, got an 8 year old daughter that he adores. Now gonna have a new Lexus in 3… 2… 1….

Moral of the story: don’t judge a Mexican by his hoodie or his tatts. Instead, judge him by the standard by which all Los Angeles men are judged: his car.


One thought on “I’m a Racist

  1. Racism rendered right on target

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